EUSES Spreadsheet Problems for Teachers

Introduction to the Problems

These problems were created as part of the EUSES research studies about teaching students to use spreadsheets. They have proven very useful and helpful to students so we post them here for free use among teachers. Primarily these problems are of the level of middle to high school students and feature math concepts taught through the use of spreadsheets. The files used are available, you will need Microsoft Word and Excel.

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Problems Index

Scaffolding of Problems

The list of problems below is a scaffolded enumeration of problems. We recommend that you teach with them in the order listed.

# Problem Math Concept Spreadsheet Skills Files
1 M&M Activity Average and percentage The "ROUND", "AVERAGE", and "SUM" functions. Graphing and labeling
2 Target Math Simple algebraic operations Relative referencing and formula entry
3 Multiplication Chart Multiplication Absolute cell reference and auto Copy
4 Soft Drink Volume and Surface area. Graphing Percent, dollar, auto cell copy, and graphing

5 M & M Probability, mean, median, mode, and percents Cell, mean, median, mode, and percents
6 Maggie Mystery Pie chart and probability Pie chart and percent
7 Climate The concept of "range", graphical analysis of data "MAX" and "MIN" functions, and basic formula entry, graphing
8 Hand Dominance Pattern recognition through analyzing graphs Graphing
9 Hermione Shopping Estimating and basic algebraic operations Relative referencing and basic general formula entry
10 Hogwarts Expansion Basic algebraic operations Relative and absolute referencing, "IF" statements
11 Fencing Quadratic equation, maximum area, and area XY scatter plot and auto copy
12 Animals Least fencing Graphing, minimum, absolute cell reference, and auto copy
13 Hurricane Katrina Cost analysis based on unit price and quanity Formula entry. absolute and relative referencing. The "SUM" and "IF" functions
14 Pay Plan Addition and total Sum
15 Cell Phone Linear function, slope, and Y-intercept Cell reference, dynamic change, absolute and relative cell reference
16 Calculator Sale Total cost and comparing Sum and if statement
17 DVD Cable Line graph and intersection of line If statement and line graph 1_DVD_Cable.xls
18 Old Faithful - That Trusty Old Geyser Mean, median, mode, min, max, and quartiles. Data analysis The "Average", "Median", "Mode", "Min", "Max", and "Quartiles" functions
19 Vacation Plan Distance = velocity * time and total cost Cell reference, sum, dynamic
20 Number Trick Operation Cell reference and = sign
21 Any Pattern in Circular Objects Relationship between the circumference and the diameter of a circle Relative referencing, basic algebraic operations, graphing, and formula entry
22 Marbles Graphical relationship between mass and volume data for a set of marbles Relative referencing
23 A Dynamic Function Machine Solution of a system of linear functions Absolute and relative referencing, formula entry, algebraic operations, and graphing
24 Linear function Linear function and slope Graphing
25 The Airport Problem Solution of a system of linear functions Relative referencing and basic formula entry