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EUSES Education

Education Resources for Teachers

NSF-funded researchers at Oregon State University have developed this set of curriculum materials to support using spreadsheets in schools.
  • Curriculum resources for Integrating Spreadsheets in Algebra I
    These resources focus on teaching eight major concepts that are typically considered in a first year algebra course in the middle grades. The activities in each concept area have been purposefully designed to guide students in building skills with spreadsheets so that they are learning to use spreadsheets as mathematical learning tools.
  • EUSES Spreadsheet Problems for Teachers
    These problems have proven very useful and helpful to students so we post them here for free use among teachers. Primarily these problems are of the level of middle to high school students and feature math concepts taught through the use of spreadsheets.
  • Scaffolding Math Learning with Spreadsheets - Article by Maggie Niess
    In this article, we review how these and other spreadsheets have been used in Grades: 6–12 to teach Algebra and related concepts.
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Education Activities and Outreach

The EUSES Consortium has been up to a lot when it comes to teaching students how to use spreadsheets effectively. To see a full explanation look to our

Education Links

Papers, Talks, and Slides


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  • Rosson, M.B. & Carroll, J.M. 2010. Integrating information, people and technology by design: Design-first instruction for introductory students in information technology. Proceedings of EDUCON 2010: The IEEE Annual Global Engineering Education Conference (pp. 1469-1475). IEEE Computer Society.
  • Niess, M. L., Ronau, R. N., Shafer, K. G., Driskell, S. O., Harper S. R., Johnston, C., Browning, C., Özgün-Koca, S. A., & Kersaint, G. “Mathematics teacher TPACK standards and development model.” Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 9(1). 2009 pdf



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