Grant: Variations to Support Exploratory Programming

One outgrowth of the EUSES meeting in Austin during 2012 was a submission of a $3M proposal to the National Science Foundation. In 2013, the National Science Foundation awarded EUSES researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (HCC-1314356), Oregon State University (HCC-1314384), University of Nebraska, Lincoln (HCC-1314365), and University of Washington (HCC-1314399) a $3,000,000 grant to support research on "Variations to Support Exploratory Programming." To read more, visit http://www.exploratoryprogramming.org.


CHI SIG on End-User Programming
End-user programming is playing an increasingly role in shaping software to meet the broad and rapidly changing needs of the world. While in parallel, ongoing academic research is aimed at helping end-user programmers create and adapt in new ways. This SIG on End-User Programming will bring together the community of researchers and companies focused on creating end-user programming tools, thereby facilitating technology transfer and future collaboration.

Friday March 9, 2012
Abstract due date for VL/HCC (September 30 - October 4, 2012 / Innsbruck, Austria)
From the beginning of the computer age, people have sought easier ways to learn, express, and understand computational ideas. Whether this meant moving from punch cards to textual languages, or command lines to graphical UIs, the quest to make computation easier to express, manipulate, and understand by a broader group of people is an ongoing challenge. The IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC) is the premier international forum for research on this topic. Established in 1984, the mission of the conference is to support the design, theory, application, and evaluation of computing technologies and languages for programming, modeling, and communicating, which are easier to learn, use, and understand by people.

May 5-10, 2012. Austin, TX, USA
CHI 2012: The ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems is the premier international conference on human-computer interaction. Many EUSES researchers regularly attend and publish at CHI, where we often present new methods and tools to assist end-user and professional programmers.


Nov 23, 2011
EUSES has unanimously approved Andrew Dove and Anita Sarma for voting membership. We welcome them and look forward to many years of productive collaboration.

September 18-22, 2011. Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Important dates for the VL/HCC 2011 symposium are coming up. From the beginning of the computer age, people have sought easier ways to learn, express, and understand computational ideas. Whether this meant moving from punch cards to textual languages, or command lines to graphical user interfaces, the quest to make code easier to express, manipulate, and understand by a broader group of people is an ongoing challenge.

June 7-10, 2011. Torre Canne, Italy
IS-EUD 2011,End-User Development (EUD), brings together researchers and practitioners from industry and academia. By working together they are able to achieve a set of methods, techniques, and tools that allow users acting as non-professional software developers to create, modify or extend a software artifact. While programming activities by non-professionals are an essential focus, EUD also investigates related topics within the process of developing software infrastructure.

June 7, 2011. EUD Collaboration workshop co-located with IS-EUD in Torre Canne, Italy
Researchers in both Europe and America have invested over a decade of work in developing approaches to support end users who actively participate in the development of software. Numerous untapped opportunities exist for collaboration among researchers. In order to lay a foundation for such collaboration, particularly between European and American groups, IS-EUD will host a workshop specifically focused on identifying opportunities for collaboration. For details, visit the workshop CFP. Position papers are due March 10.

May 7-12, 2011. Vancouver, BC
CHI 2011, the Conference on Human Factors in Computer Systems, is coming up soon. CHI 2011 will focus on connecting people, cultures, technologies, experiences, and ideas. The conference also frequently includes research in areas such as end-user programming, programming environments, and the sociology of programming.

March 20, 2011
Maggie Niess, member of the EUSES Consortium, has won the 2011 Thompson TPACK Award for excellence in education research for her work on advancing K-8 teachers' training through the integration of computing technology with science and mathematics education.


September 25, 2010. Madrid, Spain
Important dates for the VL/HCC 2010 symposium are coming up. This conference is a premier outlet for end-user research and end-user programming and is located this year is in the beautiful and vibrant Madrid, Spain.


Dec 23, 2009
EUSES's GenderHCI webpage, located here, was recently honored as a top "Learning Resource in Engineering Diversity Education for Higher Education" by Engineering Pathway. This list can be located here.

The Engineering Pathway (EP) is a portal to high-quality teaching and learning resources in applied science and math, engineering, computer science/information technology and engineering technology, for use by K-12 and university educators and students. EP is the engineering education "wing" of the National Science Digital Library (NSDL).

Nov 23, 2009
Please join us in congratulating Christopher Scaffidi, the new Project Director of EUSES. Chris has been with EUSES for a number of years and is currently an Assistant Professor at Oregon State University. His current research is geared toward enabling "end-user programmers to more effectively create, share and combine code".

We also wish to thank Margaret Burnett for her work as the previous Project Director and for the dedication that she put toward the position.

Sept. 20-24, 2009. Corvallis, Oregon
IEEE VL/HCC 2009 is one of the primary outlets for end-user programming and end-user software engineering research. VL/HCC will be in beautiful Corvallis, Oregon. As in the past few years, funding for some U.S. graduate students to attend is expected.

Aug. 26, 2009
A new forum has been created that is dedicated to End User Development. A link to the page can be found here.

Aug. 21, 2009
A summary of a relatively new project by OSU EUSES researchers is also in the news. This is a project about end users debugging programs learned by machines. You can read the press release in Science Daily here.

July 14-17, 2009. Pittsburgh
ACM EICS 2009 is a new conference on aspects of the engineering of usable and effective interactive systems. Brad Myers will be giving a keynote on end-user software development.

June 25, 2009
Margaret Burnett spent three months as a visiting researcher at Microsoft Research. She is featured on Microsoft’s Channel 9 to talk about gender differences in human-computer interaction that exist in the ways people solve problems when they use software.

June 17, 2009
Two new software systems from CMU EUSES researchers, Jadeite and Apatite, are in the news. You can see the press release here.

May 23, 2009. Vancouver, Canada
IEEE SEEUP 2009 (an ICSE'09 workshop). The SEEUP workshop is aimed at discussing end-user programming with a specific focus on the software engineering that is required to make it a more disciplined process, while still shielding the end user from the complexities of greater discipline.

May 17, 2009. Vancouver, Canada
CHASE Workshop 2009 (an ICSE'09 workshop) The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum for discussing high quality research on the human and cooperative aspects of software engineering.

March 2-4, 2009. Siegen, Germany
Second International Symposium on End User Development. Concepts such as tailorability, configurability, end-user programming, visual programming, natural programming, programming by example, and end-user sofware engineering are part of the conference program. Margaret Burnett will be giving a keynote on end-user software engineering.

Febuary 2, 2009 Papers Deadline
IEEE Software Special Issue on End-User Software Engineering This special issue of IEEE Software will focus on efforts to adapt software engineering techniques and practices to the unique goals of end-user programmers.


Oct. 10, 2008
EUSES members have received four honors for papers this year. One was Best Paper Award at VL/HCC'08.

Two were Distinguished Paper Awards at ICSE'08. The fourth was an Honorable Mention for Best Paper at CHI'08.

Sept. 15-20, 2008, Herrsching am Ammersee, Germany
IEEE VL/HCC is a conference that strongly emphasizes end-user software development and humans in software development. Also related to this area are the two conferences co-located with it, ACM SoftVis and Diagrams. The combination of these conferences is referred to as Visual Week. There's still time to register for these conferences, and early (discounted) registration is open until July 27.

May 10-18, 2008. Leipzig, Germany
The Fourth Workshop on End-User Software Engineering (WEUSE IV) was held in conjunction with ICSE 2008. There were several events relating to end-user software development this year:

April 5-10, 2008, Florence, Italy

February 27, 2008
EUSES spreadsheet error research spins off into a commercial product.

February 20, 2008
EUSES member Laura Beckwith’s research into end-user debugging by male and female end-user programmers makes the news. The Boston Globe [local copy]

February 15, 2008
EUSES member Mary Beth Rosson has been inducted into the CHI Academy.
The CHI Academy is an honor bestowed upon a few individuals each year who have made extensive contributions to the study of HCI and who have led the shaping of the field. This year six new Academy members were selected. The induction ceremony will be at CHI 2008.


September 26, 2007
EUSES researchers win Best Paper Award and Best Short Paper Award at the IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing.

September 24, 2007
An AP story was recently released on Laura Beckwith's, Margaret Burnett's, and Susan Wiedenbeck's Gender HCI work, and has been picked up by numerous news feeds.

Sept. 22-26, 2007. Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
IEEE VL/HCC 2007 is one of the primary outlets for end-user programming and end-user software engineering research. VL/HCC will be in beautiful Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. As in the past few years, funding for some U.S. graduate students to attend is expected.

July 10, 2007
Margaret Burnett, Gregor Engels, Brad Myers, and Gregg Rothermel organized a Dagstuhl in February on end-user software engineering. The proceedings of the event are now available at the Dagstuhl site or here as a as a single pdf.

June 14, 2007.
The GoalDebug system, by EUSES Researchers Robin Abraham and Martin Erwig, is in the news. GoalDebug is a system for automatically identifying errors in formulas of a spreadsheet and suggesting appropriate changes.

May 20-26, 2007. Minneapolis, MN
ICSE 2007 is in May and there are paper presentations of interest for folks interested in end-user software engineering and in human issues of programming. The advanced program can be found at the ICSE homepage.

April 28th - May 3rd, San Jose, CA
ACM's CHI'2007 has passed and a number of the results are available>

April 17, 2007
The final report from WEUSE II (From End-User Programming to End-User Software Engineering: a CHI06 Workshop) is now available. Details of the workshop are available too here.


December 1, 2006
The entire set of problems Maggie Niess has been using for teaching high school students about spreadsheets is now available online. The problems can be found here: Spreadsheet Problems for Teachers.

November 11, 2006
Based on observations of browser users, EUSES researchers have compiled a corpus of scenarios describing tasks that end users would benefit from automating using web macros. Our analysis of these scenarios yields specific requirements that web macro tools must support if those tools are to be applicable to real-life situations. [CMU] [local copy]

October 27, 2006
Gregg Rothermel, "Helping End-User Programmers "Engineer" Dependable Software", keynote for the Sixth International Conference on Quality Software (Beijin, China).

September 13, 2006
Mary Beth Rosson, "End Users Who Meet Their Own Requirements", keynote for the IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (Minneapolis, Minnesota). [Local Copy]

Sept. 4-8, 2006, Brighton, UK
IEEE VL/HCC is a conference that strongly emphasizes end-user software development and visual software development. Also related to this area are the two conferences co-located with it, ACM SoftVis and PPIG.

July 27, 2006
The EUSES Consortium welcomes its newest researcher Allen Cypher from the IBM Alameda Research Campus.
Allen Cypher's Home Page
IBM Research Home page

May 5, 2006
WEUSE II Workshop outcomes, notes, and other files are available at the WEUSE II home page.

April 22-27, 2006, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
CHI 2006: There are a number of papers and activities that are relevant to end-user programming and end-user software engineering.

April 27, 2006
Slides from Brad Myers's Invited Research Overview at CHI'06 on "End-User Programming". The research looks into the proliferation of people who program for work.

January-August, 2006
Attention education researchers and professionals: 2005-2006 education conference presentations are now available for download here.


August 03, 2005
"Software Is Too Buggy and Unreliable" in PC Magazine. [Local Copy]

July 5-28, 2005, Oregon State University, OR, USA
Summer Session graduate coursework at OSU, SED589, "Guiding Students in Learning Mathematics with Spreadsheets" and follow-up course SED506, "Dynamic Spreadsheets in Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction". See .doc for more details.

June 28, 2005, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Spreadsheet Workshop at the National Education Computing Consortium (NECC'05): EUSES members with the Oregon State University Department of Science and Mathematics Education presented a three hour workshop at this year's NECC. The focus was on teaching with spreadsheets from a dependability perspective.

May 2005, St. Louis, MO, USA
The International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE): At this year's ICSE, there were a number of papers and activities that were relevant to end-user programming and end-user software engineering:

May 5, 2005
Helping Exterminate Bugs in Spreadsheets, Web Applications on the Newswise site.

April/May, 2005
EUSES researchers win "Distinguished Paper Award" at both ICSE'05 and CHI'05 for their results about problems people face in the course of programming.
CHI paper: Fogarty, Ko, Aung, et. al [ACM] [Local Copy]
ICSE paper: Ko, Aung, Myers, [ACM] [Local Copy]

Apr 26, 2005
"Exterminating Bugs" radio spot transcript, from "Imagine That", with Margaret Burnett. [Local Copy]

April 2-7, 2005, Portland, OR, USA
Just out! Notes from the CHI'05 SIG on "End Users Creating Effective Software" are now available for download here.


September 2004
Communications of the ACM (September TOC) is a special issue on End-User Development.

September 2004, Rome, Italy
The IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC).

At CHI'04 in Vienna, Austria, Brad Myers and Margaret Burnett organized a SIG on this topic, in April 2004

Jul 26, 27, and Aug 6, 2004
"Researchers aim to make debugging simpler" at CNN.com [Local Copy], SMH.com [Local Copy], Detroit News [Local Copy], Salon.com [Local Copy]

Aug 3, 2004
"Debugging for computer users" in OSU Research News [Local Copy]

Jul 27, 2004
"Debugging for dummies" in CBS News [Local Copy], The Economic Times [Local Copy]

Jul 26, 2004
"Researchers Aim for Plain-English Debugging" in ACM News Service

Jun 24, 2004
"The dangers of end user programming" in IEEE Software [Local Copy]

Jun 9, 2004
"New Program Exterminates End-User Bugs" in NewsFactor CIO Today [Local Copy]

May 14, 2004
"Debugging for the Masses" in PC Magazine [Local Copy]

May 14, 2004
"Researchers help everyday computer users work smart" in Oregon State University News & Communication Services [Local Copy]

May 11, 2004
"Rosson Will Study Non-Programmers As Part of Six-University NSF Grant" in PennState IST [Local Copy]

May 7, 2004
"Helping Exterminate Bugs in Spreadsheets, Web Applications" in ACM TechNews [Local Copy], National Science Foundation Press Release [Local Copy], Innovations Report [Local Copy], Eurekalert [Local Copy], and NewsWise [Local Copy]

May 6, 2004
National Journal's Technology Daily article [Local Copy]

Feb, 2004
"EUSES Consortium Researchers Help Everyday Computer Users Work Smart" in The SAO Newsletter[Local Copy]


Dec 16, 2003
"Working Smarter With Computers" in KVAL-TV13 [Local Copy]