The Next Step: From End-User Programming to End-User Software Engineering

WEUSE II Workshop at CHI 2006, Montréal, Quebec, Canada, April 23, 2006

Hyatt Regency Hotel
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Online Proceedings

Cover page (pdf)

Abstract (pdf)


    End-User Software Engineering in the Real World:

  1. Improving the Quality of Contributed Software on the MATLAB File Exchange
    Ned Gulley (doc)
  2. GE Healthcare Integrated IT Solutions, Centricity
    Erika Orrick (pdf)
  3. Adobe/Macromedia Flash
    Jen deHaan (txt)
  4. End-User Software Engineering for System Administrators
    Allen Cypher, Eben Haber, Eser Kandogan (doc)
  5. End-User Software Engineering Research:

  6. End-User Development in Small and Medium Enterprises: Research and Development Issues
    Matthias Betz, Jan Heß, Volkmar Pipek , Markus Rohde, Volker Wulf (pdf)
  7. Gender in Domestic Programming: from Bricolage to Séances d’Essayage
    Alan F. Blackwell (pdf)
  8. Games Programs Play: Obstacles to Data Reuse
    Chris Scaffidi, Mary Shaw, Brad Myers (pdf)
  9. End User Software Engineering: Auditing the Invisible
    Joshua B. Gross (pdf)
  10. End-User Programming Productivity Tools
    Andrew J. Ko, Brad A. Myers, Michael J. Coblenz, and Jeffrey Stylos (pdf)
  11. Toward Sharing Reasoning to Improve Fault Localization in Spreadsheets
    Joseph Lawrance, Margaret Burnett, Robin Abraham and Martin Erwig (pdf)
  12. End-User Software Engineering in Natural Language
    Henry Lieberman, Hugo Liu, Ying Li (doc)
  13. Abstractions for End Users
    Michael Toomim (pdf)
  14. End-User Programming at the University of Washington
    Daniel S. Weld, Pedro Domingos, Raphael Hoffman, Sumit Sanghai (pdf)

Combined proceedings (pdf file).

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