Membership Information

EUSES Membership Information and Policies:
Version 1.2a, approved 01/09/06, with interpretations 7/17/07
Version 1.2, approved 01/09/06
Previous version 1.1 of 10/06/05
Previous version of 8/15/05

This is a copy of the EUSES Consortium Membership policies.

Goals, constraints, and benefits of new members

  1. Why does EUSES want new members? (i.e., what benefits would existing members gain by inviting new members?) Our goals/constraints in inviting some number of new members to join EUSES are:

  2. What benefits would new EUSES members gain? New voting members' goals/benefits are sorted below from the perspective of academics, industry (both industrial researchers and developers), and advantages applicable to both academics and industry:

Types of membership

Types of association with EUSES:

Requirements for membership in EUSES

  1. Requirements for "just friends" associations: Anyone who wants can do this.
  2. Requirements for joining as a student member: Must be a student of a Voting Member. (Exec. Committee interpretation 7/17/07: postdocs are eligible too.)
  3. Requirements for joining as an Invited (one-year) member:
  4. Requirements for joining as a Voting Member:

Mechanisms and procedures for granting new memberships:

  1. "Just friends" membership requests are handled solely by the Project Director and staff.
  2. Student membership (as defined on this page) is automatic.
  3. Invited memberships are handled solely by the Executive Committee without discussions with general membership. (Rationale: they are only for 1 year, and there is no reason to have a complicated mechanism for something that temporary.)
  4. The process and rules for granting/denying Voting membership are:

Membership expirations, mechanisms and procedures for revoking memberships:

Finances of membership:

  1. Financial goals/constraints:

  2. How dues can get paid:

  3. Annual meeting registration fee:

  4. Expenditures:

Mechanisms for changing these policies

Changes to these policies must be approved by a 2/3 vote of all existing Voting Members.